Website Development

developed for Richard Chycki Studio

Project: Website Development for Richard Chycki

What we did:

  • Design
  • WordPress programming
  • Architecture


Richard Chycki is one of the most sought-after recording engineers and mixing talents in the rock/pop business today.

As the engineer and mixing artist for massive international bands as Rush, Dream Theater, Seal, Mick Jagger, P!nk, Aerosmith and many others, Richard is seen as an authority and is highly respected in his industry. Designing a WordPress site to fit his stature was the goal, and we created the cool black suit of sites; elegant, stylish, clean and modern. The site is simple and gets to the point quickly by showcasing artists that Richard has been involved with. HotHouse photographed Richard at his studio and designed the website, based upon a pre-existing and professionally programmed template. Richard is a confident user of WordPress and we chose a starting point that would have lots of capable plugins that would make the site attractive and flexible for future additions.

  • Client - Richard Chycki Studio
  • Date Completed - November 2012
  • Skills/Tools Used - Photography, design, WordPress programming