Music Video

developed for David Barrett Trio

Project: David Barrett Trio – Dive

What we did:

  • storyboard
  • art direction
  • raw footage
  • editing
  • coordinate logo animation
  • publish in various formats


Music videos are mostly vanity projects, let’s face it.

HotHouse Creative was engaged by David Barrett Trio to develop a music video for an upcoming album release. While not in the purview of  big-budget popular music, this progressive rock power trio features sophisticated and prodigious playing that needed to come across to an audience. The multi-level recording includes mandolin and guitar playing simultaneously as well as detailed guitar solos and instrumental nuances from all three band members. Couple these items with a band that is debuting an album within a educated audience that has never heard of David Barrett Trio before. We decided that instead of being obsequiously artsy, we would show the band playing their song – almost plainly. The David Barrett Trio logo is very colourful and the decision to make the video quite jewel-toned was very deliberate.

Filmed on location in Galt, Ontario. David Barrett Trio is an instrumental progressive rock trio from Toronto Canada. Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Paul Reid, with the exceptional gaffer, Peter Genrick. Our location was a very fine home furnished by Cornerstone Home Interiors (

  • Client - David Barrett Trio
  • Date Completed - January 2013
  • Skills/Tools Used - Storyboard, location, progressive rock, indoor, Nikon D4, residential