Corporate Video

developed for Progressive Waste Solutions / Waste Connections

Project: Driver of the Year for Progressive Waste Solutions

What we did:

  • direct interviews & b-roll
  • raw footage / sound
  • editing
  • logo animation
  • title animations


Leave on a Wednesday night, shoot at 5:30am the next morning in Edmonton and fly home to upload raw footage to WeTransfer.

This is not the final video for presentation for Progressive Waste. A series of these Driver of the Year awards were filmed across the United States for Waste Connections, the current owner of Progressive Waste. A production studio in the U.S. used the footage and created the final edited version.

  • Client - Progressive Waste Solutions / Waste Connections
  • Date Completed - September 2016
  • Skills/Tools Used - Interviews, animated logo, employee interview, location, Edmonton, Alberta