Corporate Brand Development

developed for Porchlight Developments

Project: Create and establish new brand for Porchlight Developments

What we did:

  • Concept
  • Co-develop hand-tooled logo with artist
  • Design brand
  • Create brand guidelines
  • Design website and various graphic items


The merging of two well-established and successful companies is not an easy task, generally speaking.

With two strong visionaries the blending of deeply-held philosophies and ideas is a cerebral challenge and the satisfaction of both parties is the penultimate goal. A rarity among clients, I was asked to join the two partners on a motorcycle journey from Calgary to San Francisco and we threw ideas around challenged concepts and learned where we wanted to take the project. Through twisting mountain roads and thirsty Idaho deserts, the deep blue skies and the delicately-coloured sage brush, the subtleties of ideas started to form. The theme of hand-crafted quality became paramount. When the roads became memories, a new journey started.

We found a brilliant artist from Russia to develop our hand-crafted logotype. Once that was finalized, we took it to the next phase and developed a platform on which we could base the standards for the entire brand identity. Placing the logotype within a reg “tag” and using that red tag consistently throughout the program will make the brand a classic. By using a strict colour palette and standardizing logo placement and purposing, we endeavoured to establish a consistent brand with enough flexibility to work in more radical environments.


  • Client - Porchlight Developments
  • Date Completed - September 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Branding, design, artist hiring, website development, brand guideline manual development