Paul Reid

Hi, I’m Paul Reid; proudly right-brained and making everything I touch a little more beautiful than it ever was before.

My job is not easily defined. I am a highly skilled professional photographer and graphic designer. I wish I could say that’s all I did, however I rarely say no to a challenge, which has provided me with all kinds of problem-solving fun. I am as comfortable with a CEO in front of my camera as I am with typesetting his company’s MD&A and financials, and that is just the beginning. I also photograph main sections for his annual report, shoot interviews and location footage for corporate videos, design his company’s corporate identity, design and develop his website, and manage each project to completion in print or on screen.

Corporate identity and branding is something I really enjoy; the deep-dive. Creating branding documents and graphic standard manuals that set up the foundation of a corporation’s visual identity. Colours, typefaces, imagery, logos and defining the visual corporate culture is a serious undertaking and the successful launch of a corporate ID is paramount.

I have been 4,000 feet underground in northern Ontario gold ore mines; shot from helicopters while careening down Niagara Falls; photographed a myriad of celebrities, rock stars and people of influence; filmed a documentary in Vietnam; created national advertising campaigns for one of Canada’s telecom/media behemoths; designed and produced hundreds of ads for high-end design magazines; carried out international photo shoots in Europe, China, 20 U.S. states and all across my beautiful country; travelled 14,000km in two weeks on motorcycle shooting stock photography; designed and created branded graphics for hundreds of events in locations as diverse as Hawaii and Bobcaygeon. I have been around.

What I have to offer is good sense and good taste. I hire writers and other creative professionals as required, and I work with your team to create inspired material that communicates.


25 years

  • My Skills - Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration
  • My Equipment - Nikons and Macs
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