World Synchronized Skating Championships
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World Synchronized Skating Championships

Logo development
Production coordination
Skate Canada asked us to brand 2015 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships

Working with Skate Canada to develop the look and feel for this prestigious World competition, HotHouse conceptualized, designed and implemented production items that were seen on international live television and on the streets of Hamilton, Ontario. With competitors from Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States, this truly international event required a classic and timeless identifier.

The logo had to be reproduced on garments, signage, under the ice surface, and outdoor installations in Hamilton. The list of items that HotHouse produced:

Street lamp banners
Directional signage
Wayfinding signage
Pull-up banners
30 x 10 foot entrance display welcome wall
VIP area banners
Scoreboard graphics
Blade flags
Ticket stub
Boutique doors
Stairwell banners
Outdoor pole wraps

Large, highly visible international events leave an indelible stamp on the success of the participating teams and organizations involved. With teams travelling from all over the globe, the prestige and honour of hosting is a mandate that Skate Canada excels at. HotHouse Creative developed an event brand that celebrated the unique and vibrant sport of Synchronized Skating. The audiences are absolutely mad for the sport and the exuberant nature of the performers and attendees are what inspired us to use bright colours, the 16 team members and the large identifiable “S”. The International Skating Union, the governing body of figure skating in the world, has tough restrictions and regulations on signage and event protocol that HotHouse worked with very comfortably. We were very satisfied with the result when watching the CBC broadcast of the event. #worldsynchro15


April 8, 2020


Branding, Graphic Design

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